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Suffering from a Verruca? We Can Help With That

Verrucae are contagious, often painful & can multiply easily. They can appear anywhere on the foot, from the soles, known as plantar warts to between the toes & sometimes around the nails. While these can disappear on their own, this can and does take a very long time and often they multiply first, leaving people with many more verrucae than they started out with. Verrucae can make walking, standing, and playing sports difficult and painful. You can seek verrucae treatment through Sally Pembery Associates to get rid of these warts and get back to your normal pain-free life.

We offer cryotherapy as a form of verrucae treatment. We use a known cryogen to freeze and destroy the affected verrucae skin cells. After treatment, a blister which might become sore will form. The blister will turn into a scab which will fall off usually 7 to 10 days after treatment. Cryotherapy can take 5 - 15 minutes and is sometimes painful & stingy. Large & persistent warts may need to be frozen more than once, a week or so apart. During the process the dermafreeze  may be sprayed onto the verruca or it may be applied using a cotton swab.

Cryotherapy for Verrucae

Cryotherapy may not be conducive for your specific verruca. Our expert practitioners will suggest other caustic alternatives. In some cases salicylic acid in varying percentages are used to treat verrucae but there are other chemical treatments too. At Sally Pembery Associates we take care of your feet. For this reason we make sure to take all precautions to ensure that the chemicals don't harm the healthy skin around the wart. Our experts will explain your options to you and help you decide on the best verrucae treatment for you.

Caustic Treatment for Verrucae

Verrucas can be unsightly and painful. Let our experts treat your verruca at our Esher Practice today.

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