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Sports Injuries Treated at Sally Pembery Associates

Whether it's for rehabilitation, recovery, or pain management, the team here at Sally Pembery Associates dedicates their time and effort to helping you. Our qualified staff draw on their wealth of experience to provide working programmes geared towards solutions to sports injuries and long term health in order to help prevent further problems.

If you are experiencing increased pain when you run or walk, you may have a postural or mechanical problem. If you step wrong during your run, it can lead to pain in your legs, knees, hips and even your lower back. Our computers in our state of the art gait analysis lab can record your movements and makes calculations based on the findings. These findings will help us create custom treatment like personalised orthotics that can help improve your posture and overall mobility, which will lead to a decrease in pain when you run or walk.

Are You Running Wrong?

If you end up getting injured while playing a sport, you'll need rehabilitation treatment to recover. If you've broken a bone and had it in a cast for a long period of time or strained or pulled a muscle or ligament your muscles and tendons will need to re-acclimate to every day movements associated with walking before you can get back to playing your regular sport. Our practitioners can help you recover full mobility in your lower limbs, feet and get you back on the field before you know it.

Rehabilitation After Injury

You've trained so hard for so long. Don't let an injury or chronic pain hold you back from playing the sport that you love.

Customised Service

Be sure to ask about our gait analysis and biomechanical assessments for athletes.

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