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Our innovative treatment is through a system known as PACT (Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy). This uses high intensity LED light to kill the fungus safely and carefully. It’s already used extensively in Europe & Australia. The clinical results from PACT have been very positive; the cost is less than lasers, and there is no pain. However, it’s greatest advantage is that it is free of side effects and can be used on anyone, including children, diabetics, or those whose immune system is already compromised.

Around 20% of people in the UK experience nail infections at some point, particularly in toenails. Once established in one nail, infections can easily spread to others. Commonly, the infected toenail thickens and disfigures and even crumbles. It can cause ingrowing toenails and create problems with walking. Several ways to treat the problem have been developed. A solution being applied over time to the nail is one way, oral medication is another, and lasers can also be used. But all these treatments have a number of downsides. We’re now offering a new way of treating nail infections through high intensity LED lights that has no side effects.

Fungal Nail Treatments  provided by Sally Pembery Associates

Fungal infections of nails are much more common than we care to think. The infection can often cause unsightly and unattractive nails and can sometimes be very painful when playing sports but also while performing day-by-day activities. When left untreated, these infections may need specific treatment or nail surgery. Our experts can help you get back to normal if you're suffering from a nail infection or other injury.

Treatments for Nail Infections

LED Treatments by Sally Pembery Associates

We've recently added a new cutting edge toe nail treatment for fungal nail infections, PACT, to our existing wide range of chiropody, podiatry and orthotic services.

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