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Children's Podiatry and Chiropody Service

At Sally Pembery Associates we take special care of our younger patients. If your child is having pain in their feet or lower limbs or if you are noticing a mobility problem, you can bring them to our Esher clinic for an evaluation. We will assess their mobility and track their symptoms in order to provide your child with the proper care they need.

If you notice that your child only walks on his or her tip toes after the age of 5, you should contact our clinic for an evaluation. Tip toe walking can be normal for younger children and may stop as they grow but if you notice that your child is not stopping as they get older they could need treatment. Tip toe walking may be accompanied with tight muscles or a lack of co-ordination, this should be evaluated as soon as possible before further problems develop.

Tip Toe Walkers

Whether your child is suffering from an ingrown toe nail or verrucae, the experts at Sally Pembery Associates will provide you with quality children's foot care. We are patient and understanding when it comes to children and will work with you to make sure that your child is comfortable throughout their assessment and treatment.

Children's Foot Care

Our expert practitioners are on hand to evaluate specific paediatric foot and lower limb problems and conditions.

To get the best care for your child, call us on

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Detailed Evaluations

We will analyse the way your child walks, crawls, or generally moves to see if they are developing properly.


Conditions that can affect Children

• Tip Toe Walking

• Growing Pains

• In Toe Feet

• Heel Pain

• Severs Disease

• Knee Pain

• Osgood Schlatter Disease

• Flattened Feet

• Pain in Sport

• Ingrowing Toenails

• Verrucae